Strategic Plan

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The year is 2015, South Shore Health is a part of a vibrant, thriving community that supports and promotes health.

South Shore Health is recognized as a leader in advocating for healthy public policy and working with communities and other partners to positively influence the factors that affect health - things like income, education and personal health practices. The children and youth of today have the support and experiences they need to allow them to grow into healthy adults. We have involved members of the public in our planning, and they have challenged us to be more creative and responsive to their needs. Communities, families and individuals now have the tools, resources and supports they need to take more responsibility for their own health.

We have embraced a new way of thinking about health – a way that understands health is broader than hospitals. More services are being delivered in the community. We have developed programs to help people with diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic conditions become healthier and manage their disease in a way that allows them to be as healthy and independent as possible. Fewer people are visiting our hospitals.

We think, act and make decisions as a District. We have reduced duplication and waste, improved efficiency and invested in information technology. Our patients and clients have better access to the services they need, with fewer delays. Every South Shore resident has access to a primary health care provider who can support them in reaching their health goals.

Safety is our first priority. We put the people we serve at the centre of all of our decisions and actions and learn from our mistakes.

South Shore Health has overcome the seemingly overwhelming challenges of increasing demands and a shrinking labour market and has a healthy, robust workforce. We have created a more caring, respectful and safer workplace. We foster and promote communication, teamwork and innovation. Our staff, physicians and volunteers are proud to say they work for South Shore Health and the organization has a well deserved reputation for excellence in care.

We are healthier people living in healthier communities.

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