Patient Concerns and Feedback

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At South Shore Health, we care what you think about the care you receive.
We value your input and want to hear from you. Please contact us if you have:

  • Compliments for staff, physicians, or volunteers
  • Suggestions to improve health services
  • Concerns about your care

Your feedback is important to help us support the ongoing delivery of quality health care.

Your Options:
We recommend you first talk to your local health care provider directly about the concern, or you can involve the program manager or supervisor to help reach a resolution Most often a complaint can be resolved at that time or at that stage. If you are not satisfied you can ask to proceed with a formal complaint and our staff will begin the process with you. We also ask you to take time to complete a Client Experience Survey to help us care better. Surveys are available from your health care provider. Completed surveys can be dropped off at the Admitting Department or mailed to the address on the back of the form.

You may also provide Patient Feedback directly by calling 527-5810 or 1-855-881-7063. You may write to: 90 Glen Allan Drive, Bridgewater, NS B4V 3S6 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please do not include personal health information in your email.)

Staff are committed to working with you to resolve the concern as soon as possible.

We also suggest you visit our Patient Safety section of this website for useful patient safety tips and information.

The District has policies and procedures in place to respond to patients who need help navigating or working through the system and if they need to talk to someone about their care.

Click here for the patient's guide to the complaints process.

What is Patient Relations?

Patient Relations is where patients, family members, and the public may express concerns, compliments or general feedback about the health care services they receive through South Shore Health.

When there is a concern, the Patient Relations team act as a resource for both patients and South Shore Health staff during resolution.

Staff may be involved with:

  • receiving and acknowledging a concern.
  • obtaining information from the complainant about their concern.
  • explaining and identifying next steps in resolving a concern to the complainant.
  • assisting with coordination and communication how concerns are resolved with the public, staff, physicians, and management.
  • acting as an ongoing contact for the complainant, including updates to the resolution process.
  • documentation of the process and outcome of the concern.

The Patient Relations team is committed to working with patients and South Shore Health leaders to resolve a concern or direct them to other avenues available for concerns resolution.

When a patient, family members or member of the public wishes to share a compliment, staff may be involved with:

  • receiving and acknowledging the compliment or positive feedback
  • forwarding the feedback to the appropriate frontline staff, physicians or departments directly involved
  • assisting in forwarding feedback or suggestions for improvement to appropriate management and leaders

Is there a time limit for expressing a concern?

The Patient Relations team reviews concerns when they are received. There is no time limit for expressing a concern. However, it is recommended that you bring your concern forward as soon as it arises. Staff are committed to working with you to resolve the concern as soon as possible.

Will things become worse for me if I raise a concern?

No. Concerns are seen as opportunities to improve our services. South Shore Health is committed to addressing all concerns in a fair and objective manner. Your feedback will help us improve the quality of health services.

Can I remain anonymous?

If you wish to remain anonymous your feedback can be forwarded to the appropriate service area as an advisement, however to fully review a concern, the identity of the patient/complainant must be known.

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