South Shore Regional Hospital Auxiliary

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The South Shore Regional Hospital Auxiliary has been supporting South Shore Regional for more than 50 years for the care and comfort of patients.

The Daisy and Gift Shop are the two major fundraising arms of the auxiliary. It's not unusual for the auxiliary to raise more than $300,000 in one year through these and other fundraising initiatives, such as the Shoreline Art Gallery, Christmas Angels and Christmas Home Tours. This money support the purchase of much-needed capital equipment.

Members perform a myriad of jobs around the hospital including stocking pop machines, arranging flowers for the Gift Shop, acting as cashiers, making bank deposits, setting up displays and participating in bake sales. Others file, type, write reports, make copies, sort and deliver mail. Daisy workers sort clothes, cut rags, and sew buttons on cards.

You say, “Well, those are kind of simple jobs!”  Yes they are, but put all of these together at the end of the year, and many dedicated hours have been provided. These services alleviate the health care professionals of some responsibilities, so they have more time to spend with patients.

For more information or to become a member contact:

Virginia Oickle

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