Scent Policy

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Exposure to perfume and other scented products has become a major health problem for many, and may trigger asthma attacks, migraine headaches and severe allergic reactions.

All staff, volunteers, patients and visitors are asked to refrain from wearing perfume, scented aftershave lotions, perfumed hair spray and other scented personal care products. These items may be removed from the facility and anyone wearing heavy scents may be asked to leave the hospital. Scent free products are available at local retail outlets.

Flowers (Must be Scent Free)

Flowers and plants sent to you while in hospital will be delivered to your bedside.  If you require a vase, please speak to one of the staff. Always wash your hands after handling plants or flowers.

Please keep in mind that some patients and staff may be allergic to flowers. Under South Shore Health’s scent-free policy, flowers with strong scents will be removed from the facility.

Flowers are not permitted in the Intensive Care Unit.

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