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Healthy Food Matters - Issue #2

Healthy Food Matters - Issue #1


Cafeterias are located in each facility and provide a variety of meals and light snacks. Visitors are welcome. Hours vary.


Dial-for-Dining (SSRH & QGH) is a patient meal order service which allows you to order from a menu with a variety of healthy food choices.  How does it work?

  1. You will receive a menu with a variety of healthy food choices that match your dietary needs.
  2. Choose from your Dial for Dining menu and dial 844 (SSRH) or 444 (QGH) from your bedside phone to order from the call centre.
  3. Orders are received by food services staff in the kitchen where meals are prepared and trays are assembled.
  4. Your meal is delivered within 40 minutes.

If Dial-for-Dining is not suitable for you, your options are:

  • Spoken Menu
    Food Services staff will verbally take orders or family can phone in orders in advance by calling- SSRH- 527-5092 or QGH- 1-877-550-5536.
  • Auto Select
    Food Services staff will select meals based on your likes/dislikes.

Family members may also be involved in assisting you with making your meal choices.

Microwave ovens, refrigerators, and ice machines are available on most nursing units for use by patients and visitors.

Special Diet Considerations

If you follow a special diet or have food-related allergies or sensitivities, be sure to let us know when you arrive. A clinical dietitian may visit to discuss your special needs. If your family wishes to bring food from home, please discuss this with your nurse before eating. Please do not leave perishable items at the bedside. Refrigerators are available on your unit. Label food items with the patient's name, room number and date. Snacks are available upon request.


Vending machines are available at the following locations throughout the district:
SSRH- across from the gift shop on the main floor
FMH- next to the entrance of the cafeteria
QGH- on the 1st floor Beverage machines are also located on the main floor at SSRH and QGH.

There are coffee machines at all three hospitals.


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