Fire Safety

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Hospital staff members are trained in fire prevention and safety procedures. If you hear the fire alarm, please remain calm. Staff will immediately begin safety procedures and it is important that you follow their instructions.

Fire drills are held regularly to ensure our staff  are prepared to respond to fire emergencies. Drills may be held at various times during the day and evening. When you hear the fire alarm, please return to your room unless otherwise instructed by staff. Visitors are also asked to stay in the patient’s room until further instructions are given. As a fire safety precaution, patient room doors normally close when the fire alarm rings. Please remain calm.  One of the nursing staff will come to check on you. 

Please do not use elevators when the fire alarm is ringing unless you are given permission by responding fire department personnel.

Emergency Codes
The hospital has a series of codes to communicate specific situations that could arise within the hospital. Should you hear one of these codes, please remain calm and allow our trained staff to deal with the situation.

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