Infection Prevention & Control

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It is OK to ask any team member if they have washed their hands before any “hands on” care. If you are uncomfortable with this you might say “excuse me, but I don’t recall seeing you wash your hands before you came into my room”

Be sure to ask all visitors to clean their hands with soap and water or  hand sanitizer.

Sometimes patients need extra special protection to prevent the spread of infection. Your room will have a special sign on it if this is the case. Please follow their instructions or ask the nurse if you need help.

Ask your doctor if you should receive any vaccines to prevent infections such as the flu or pneumonia.

Tell your nurse and doctor if you have any redness, soreness or discharge from a wound, incision, catheter or intravenous site.

Ask if any skin preparation or hair removal is needed before surgery. Any hair removal that is needed should be done with clippers not a razor as shaving the area can damage the skin and cause infection.

For more information please view the patient brochure "Partners in Infection Prevention and Control"

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