Inpatient Mental Health Unit (IPMHU)

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Our Inpatient Mental Health Unit (IPMHU) is located at South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater. There are beds for 10 people who are 18 years old or older. We help people whose mental health problems cannot safely be assessed, diagnosed, and stabilized in the community. We discharge people once they have adequate supports arranged in the community.

Admissions to the Unit are arranged by staff at a hospital emergency room or by staff at our community clinics.

Most patients are admitted voluntarily; however, if a person presents an immediate risk of harming him or herself or others, the person can be admitted against his or her will.

We do not do forensic assessments.

On the unit, people are cared for by a multi-disciplinary team, which includes of Psychiatrists, Nurses, Social Workers , and others (for some people, the team could also include an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or dietician).

Psychiatrists are in charge of the care of each patient. A primary nurse is assigned who works most closely with the patient.

Support and education for families is available and encouraged. Visiting hours are flexible. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have questions about the IPMHU, please call the main Addiction and Mental Health number: (902) 543-5400.

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