Cancer Patient Navigator

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South Shore Health's Patient Navigator helps ensure that cancer patients have the information, knowledge and support they need as journey through the cancer care system. The Patient Navigator supports cancer patients, their families and health professionals by improving access and enhancing co-ordination of treatment, follow-up and support services. Navigators work closely with family doctors, cancer specialists, patients and their families to strengthen community cancer services. They also provide crucial information about available  community and financial services. This program is provided in partnership with Cancer Care Nova Scotia.

What is Patient Navigation?

Going through cancer treatment is often like trying to find your way through a maze. Patient Navigation is a service to help guide cancer patients and their families through this maze. The Navigator will help you and your family get information about cancer, prepare you for your treatments and visits to cancer specialists and tell you about support services in your community.

Who are Patient Navigators?

Navigators are members of the cancer team working in your community. Navigators work closely with your family doctor and cancer specialists to make sure you are aware of cancer services that can help you. This service is free.

How do I contact the Patient Navigator in my community?

Your family doctor, your cancer specialist, you or your family can contact the Patient Navigator Toll Free at 1-866-524-1234 or 902-527-5820

Why Patient Navigation?

Cancer patients and their families wanted to know what to expect when they found out they had cancer. They also wanted to know how and where to find support. They felt anxious with their news and needed help to find answers to their concerns. Family doctors also wanted more information for their patients. Patient Navigation helps both the patient and the doctor.

How can the Patient Navigator Help Me and My Family?

 The Navigator can

  • get answers to your questions and concerns
  • work with your family doctor and cancer specialists to connect you to cancer services you need during and after treatment
  • help prepare you for your visit to the cancer centres
  • tell you and your family about cancer by providing reading materials, videos, reliable internet sites and cancer information lines
  • help with mental, spiritual, financial, transportation or work related issues

For more info visit: Cancer Care Nova Scotia - Patient Navigation

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