Palliative Care

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What is palliative care?

The word palliative comes from the Latin word "palliate" which means "to ease without curing".  Therefore, palliative care is a supportive type of care that helps reduce the symptoms of a disease without actually curing it. The aim of palliative care is to assist the individual and their family in relieving symptoms and improving the quality of living and dying.

Who can benefit from this care?

Anyone who is living with a life-limiting illness, regardless of their age, and who agrees to be seen by the palliative care service can benefit from this care.

Is a referral required for this service?

Yes. A referral is required to involve the palliative care program staff which includes the nurses, social worker and volunteers.  The referral form is to be completed by a health professional.

For the palliative care physician to become involved in a person's care a referral must be received from a physician or a nurse practitioner.

What types of services are offered?

Palliative care adapts services to meet the special needs of each person and family.  The following are the specific services offered:

  • assistance with pain management
  • assistance with symptom management e.g. bowel problems, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, hiccups
  • link to community equipment loan programs
  • information about the (EI) compassionate care benefit
  • emotional support
  • social support
  • spiritual support
  • caregiver support
  • bereavement support

Contact Palliative Care Services at (902) 634-7369

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