Healthy Development Early Years

Healthy Beginnings

Healthy Beginnings is a Public Health Program that provides services to families from preconception to school entry. By helping to create a positive environment that supports optimal child development, we are supporting the development of healthy adults for generations to come.

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Healthy Beginnings Enhanced Home Visiting Program

Healthy-Beginnings-LogoThe Healthy Beginnings Enhanced Home Visiting Program is available to families who, for a variety of reasons, qualify for extra support.

The Enhanced Home Visiting Program:

  • Is a program offered to families with children up to their third birthday, based on assessment.
  • Supports opportunities for healthy growth and development of the baby and family.
  • Members of the Enhanced Home Visiting team (Community Home Visitor, Community Outreach Worker, Public Health Nurse,) offer information about parenting, growth and development, positive discipline, home safety, play, nutrition and available community resources.
  • Is a free, voluntary, family-led program.
  • Parents are provided with specific information based on the goals established within the program.

Enhanced Vision Screening Program

The Enhanced Vision Screening Program is provided by public health staff for children before they start school because it is important to identify vision problems as early as possible. Identifying vision problems early means they can be corrected before children start having difficulty in school.