Purchase Orders Terms and Conditions

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These Terms and Conditions apply to all Products and Services purchased by the District with this document, including any purchase by the District through a purchasing group.

  1. Price Changes
    Prices on this Purchase Order are deemed to be correct at time of issue. If Vendor identifies any pricing discrepancy, the issuing Buyer must be notified to confirm pricing that will be acceptable on invoice.

  2. Medical Devices Classification
    All Class II, III, and IV medical devices sold in Canada must have a valid Medical Device License issued by Therapeutics Product Directorate of Health Canada, before they may be sold to healthcare facilities. Vendor must identify which item(s) is Class II, III, or IV, and provide a copy of the Medical Device License upon request.

  3. Inspection of Receipts
    All goods shipped against this Purchase Order are subject to inspection and testing within 10 working days after delivery to the PURCHASER’S premises. Goods deemed to be unacceptable will be returned to Vendor, at Vendor’s expense, upon receipt of Return Goods Authorization.

  4. MSDS
    All hazardous products shipped against this Purchase Order must be correctly labeled according to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. Vendor must provide Material Safety Data Sheets for any hazardous good shipped for the first time to delivery point for this order, and also provide updated copies of MSDS when requested.

  5. Purchase Order Number Reference
    This Purchase Order Number must appear on all Packing/Delivery Slips, Bills of Lading, Customs Documents, Invoices, correspondence, and any other documents relating to this Purchase Order.

  6. Order Cancellation
    Failure of the Vendor to deliver any part of this Purchase Order by dates requested or specified may result in cancellation of any undelivered goods/services, without penalty.

  7. HST
    Where applicable, HST is to be shown as an individual charge per line item on each invoice.

  8. No Substitutes or Alterations
    No substitutes for goods/services ordered, nor alterations to Purchase Order Terms and Conditions will be accepted without agreement of issuer of the Purchase Order.

  9. Payment Discounts
    The date used to calculate earned payment discounts will be the Invoice date.

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