Sales Representative Protocols

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District Health Authorities
Western Nova Scotia

Number: P-ii-17
Date Issued: April 2006
Date Reviewed:
Date Revised:
Distribution: SSH/SWH/AVH


Procurement Department

Issued by: Manager, Procurement/Operations
Approved by: Director, Materiel Management


In order to stay abreast of new medical devices, technology, equipment, and to maintain and practice the highest possible standards of business ethics and professional courtesy between the employees/physicians of the District Health Authorities and the supplier population, it is necessary to insist on compliance with the following protocol. Supplier service evaluations will be based partly upon compliance of this protocol, which may affect future business. It is the responsibility of all supplier/service representatives and District Health Authorities’ employees and physicians to comply with this policy.

A. Appointment/Meeting Arrangements

  1. Any supplier representative requiring a meeting with members of the Procurement Office can do so by appointment only. Procurement staff reserve the right to turn away all supplier representatives without appointments.
  2. Supplier representatives requiring a meeting with employees/physicians within any facility operated by the South Shore District Health Authority, South West Nova District Health Authority, and the Annapolis Valley District Health Authority may do so by appointment only. All employees/physicians reserve the right to turn away all supplier/service representatives without appointments.
  3. All supplier/service representatives must also wear, in plain sight, their company identification badge.
  4. All supplier/service representatives must follow all Districts’ policies/procedures when conducting business throughout all facilities within the District Health Authorities (such as refrain from using scented products and to wear protective clothing as required.)

B. Medical Product/Equipment – Samples and Evaluations

  1. Information related to products and equipment must be presented to the appropriate individual within the Procurement Office (Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital), prior to presentation to employees/physicians.
  2. Equipment, samples, or products requested by hospital personnel for evaluation purposes must be supported by a completed “Request for Product Review – Value Analysis” form (see attached) to allow the execution of a “no charge/evaluation” purchase order. Suppliers are not permitted to leave equipment or product samples with employees/physicians. All supplier representatives bringing supplies or equipment into any facility of the District Health Authorities without an authorized purchase order should consider such items a no charge donation to the District Health Authorities.
  3. All equipment must be inspected by the appropriate individuals (department, Maintenance, Clinical Engineering Staff) prior to use within any facility operated by the District(s). The supplier and user department will be notified of any equipment that fails an inspection.
  4. Any equipment/instruments/products sold, leased, loaned, or donated to the District Health Authorities that is classified as a Class II, III, IV must have a valid Medical Device License available at time of delivery. Failure to provide such a license shall result in the return of goods to the supplier at their cost.
  5. Supplier representatives are not to discuss pricing, terms, and conditions or approach/obtain signature from departments on any contracts. All discussions or concerns regarding the content of any request for bid/proposal while it is open must be conducted with the appropriate individual within the Procurement Office. Copies of all correspondence, quotations, and other product/equipment related information must be forwarded to the Procurement Office.
  6. Vendors must provide to Procurement, a written disclosure for all/any contributions to the District Health Authority and any employees/physicians. Failure to disclose any financial support for anyone associated with the District Health Authority may result in termination of the agreement(s) with the vendor.
  7. All notification letters regarding discontinuation of equipment service must be forwarded to the Procurement Service of the District Health Authorities. Such letters will be communicated to the appropriate staffing/departments for planning purposes.

C. Pharmacy Product Samples and Evaluations

  1. The Department of Pharmacy shall be responsible for the storage, distribution and use of drug samples within the Health Centres.A “sample” is defined as: a pharmaceutical with Health Protection Branch (HPB) approval for use as formulary or non-formulary.
  2. The use of samples in the District Health Authority, including ambulatory care areas, shall be discouraged. Where samples are utilized, strict procedures for distribution shall be followed as per the policies and procedures which regulate hospital dispensing practice for all other pharmaceuticals in our hospitals (formulary versus non-formulary).
  3. Samples which are non-formulary will be dispensed according to non-formulary dispensing procedures.
  4. Patient care areas shall not accept or distribute samples directly provided by sales representatives. All medications shall be received through and monitored by the Pharmacy Department.
  5. Automatic shipment of new drugs or samples is not acceptable.
  6. Samples that are the personal property of physicians delivered directly to a physician’s private office must not be distributed to patient care areas within the District(s).
  7. Approved samples shall be subject to the same drug recall procedures as are regular drug items and routinely checked for dating by the technical staff.8. Pharmacy shall be authorized to remove unapproved samples from patient care areas as appropriate.

D. Products/Equipment from Physician Offices

For all products/equipment left at physicians’ offices by sales representatives and brought into any facility within the District Health Authorities by Physicians or Medical Staff, must adhere to section “B and/or C” of this policy document prior to evaluation and/or use.

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