You have razor sharp 20/20 vision if you can spot the hidden deer sneaking through the scrub in under 5 seconds Southshorehealth

THE IMAGE of a deer camouflaged in a rock race has baffled viewers after many struggled to find it, but can you spot it?

The illusion tests eyesight and those who spot the animal within 30 seconds may be able to claim they have exceptional eyes.


You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the deer hiding in this picture

However many fail this challenge and have to examine the picture for many minutes before they find the deceptive deer.

The image has been shared hundreds of times on Tiktok with the comments section exploding with baffled viewers expressing their confusion.

One thought their speedy spotting ability was because they were from the countryside and boasted : “All country people can see it. We just got that special eye for certain things”.

While a second found it with ease and said: “it took me like one minute to find it.”

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Another appeared excited with their accomplishment and wrote: “guys I’ve found it, It’s right there!”

This illusion is particularly difficult because the colour of the antelopes fur almost matches the colour of the entire picture – which makes it difficult to distinguish from the rock in the background.

However, at a second glance most are able to locate the animal standing in the centre at the very top of the image.

If you are still struggling to find him keep scrolling for the answer.

This comes as brain teaser fanatics were confronted with a similar image – this time of snow leopards.

The leopards were hidden against a rocky background in the Himalayas at 14,763ft.

Nature photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee, 43, from Kolkata, India, said he watched on as the leopards sat together on the mountain most of the day, before becoming active and climbing around the rocks.

He praised the intelligence and skill of the animals to be able blend into the terrain.

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And how this deceiving image challenges you to spot the frog in under 36 seconds.

The deer is circled in yellow and is hard to spot against the background


The deer is circled in yellow and is hard to spot against the background

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